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I was so excited to get a newborn boy in the studio so that I could use my new Yoda newborn hat!  In Kansas City, dads love a little Star Wars!

Kansas City Yoda Newborn Photography by Captures in Time Photography


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    I have a soft spot for the name “June” because that was my sweet grannie’s name.  Actually, her first name was Kathaleen, but she took out the “a” because she didn’t like the spelling.  Everyone called her June. She was a true firecracker. She LOVED babies, that is for sure.  I have always thought that if we were blessed with a girl ourselves, that would be her name.  Or Lucy because of my love for Lucille Ball. Lilly was on the list and then there were a couple of years where I heard that name everywhere. Blue Springs Baby Photographer

    I enjoy it when people that I went to Blue Springs High School with (too many years ago for me want to tell) bring their babies to me to photograph.  This was back when Blue Springs had one high school.  It seems like clients always ask if I went to North or South. I give my age away for sure when I tell them there was only one. It is so nice to catch up and see them as parents now. It will most always give me baby fever and make me wonder if we should have had another little munchkin.  Then, I will remember that we can sleep throughout the night now, minus the occasional thunderstorm or bad dream.  It is really nice to have potty trained people in the house.  We have hit that “easier” phase of child rearing, I think. It’s about time!  Blue Springs Baby Photographer

    June was full of smiles for me, she looks like a little doll and has the biggest, brown eyes.  I was tempted to ask mom if I can come over and babysit.  She is just so precious.  As a photographer, I love to do 3-9 month portraits showing some of that precious baby skin because there just really isn’t anything that can make an image better.  I encourage parents to bring an outfit, but we use a lot of diaper covers!  Blue Springs Baby Photographer


     Blue Springs Baby Photographer


     Blue Springs Baby Photographer


      Blue Springs Baby Photographer


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    • robyn rAugust 26, 2014 - 8:13 pm

      June’s momma here… I will add that Melissa is a joy to work with, and I am always impressed with the way she illustrates a little one’s personality with her images. She worked hard for these shots, too. At 4 months, June was constantly moving!ReplyCancel