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newborn photography kansas city
Catching up on some blogging around here! I have enjoyed all of my new clients lately and catching up with some of my long time customers.  This was a new family to the studio and such a lovely couple! I loved mom’s lavender sweater with a light grey drop for a nice and airy parent/baby image series.

Henry came to see me in March, with all of his eleven pounds of cuteness. That’s right, eleven pounds and some ounces. I loved his adorable, squishy pink cheeks. He was a complete angel during his newborn session. Such a good sleeper. Mom chose rustic and grey drops and neutral knits, which is a favorite style for newborn boys in the studio.

This shot of his feet is an all time favorite of mine! They remind me of my ten year old’s feet when he was a newborn. We have always called his feet”tiny loaves of baked bread”. Even though you will never forget the little details of your baby’s newborn features, it helps to have wonderful shots of the details to look back on when their feet are no longer small and their shoe size is all of a sudden – your size!

This is happening at my house right now. Shoes are all of a sudden something boys have an opinion about and we have pretty much tried every brand and decided all the men in the house prefer Pumas. Let me tell you, they last forever. Nicholas has had one pair for a year and the toe has never come apart.

I am excited to have added a new feature to my website. Book Me For Photographers allows clients to look at my calendar, look at their schedule and book online without too much back and forth hassle. A little more tech savvy and convenient. You can find the calendar at the top, right side of my site or at Book Me.

Hat by Adorable Sunday.

newborn-photography-kansas-citynewborn photography kansas city



newborn photography kansas city



Melissa is a published Kansas City newborn, baby and child photographer based out of historic Blue Springs, MO.

    Newborn Photographer
    Meet Mr. Brooks

    Every time a new little baby comes in my front doors, it makes me so happy to be a newborn photographer! Little Brooks was wide-eyed at the beginning of his session. He didn’t want to miss any of the action! He slowly slumbered off so I could pose his little cuteness. I had to break out my 100mm macro for those adorable lips. I was giddy to capture a macro of that adorable little “milk bubble”. The milk bubble is the  little bubble that newborns get on their top lip from eating nonstop. I thought that was so cute on my own little ones. I love the cream colors on mom and dad with this bone drop, so soft and pretty.

    I am super excited for my new “background book” in the studio. With over 50 backdrops available, it is hard for parents to visualize what they are going to look like in camera. This is nice to be able to reference when we are talking about colors and patterns for your baby’s sets. I am working on a digital option as well for pre-planning before your newborn session at the studio.

    Remember, you do not need to bring anything at all to your newborn session with us. We have everything we need at the studio. If you do bring something, try to make it one thing. No need to try to style everything yourself. I take great care in choosing props and knits that photograph well and with my style of shooting. Even some yarns look too rough or large next to baby skin and we don’t want that!

    Thank you so much for for bringing him in!

    Blue hat by Spun Candy.
    Grey/Yellow hat by Adorable Sunday.


    Newborn Photographer


    Newborn Photographer


    Newborn Photographer


    Newborn Photographer


    Newborn Photographer

    newborn photographer

    Kansas City Newborn Photography Studio


    Kansas City Newborn Photo Studio


    Kansas City Newborn Baby Photography







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    Lee’s Summit Newborn Photographer

    Meet Beckham. I just adored his name and his little sweet face. He was a tiny little prince and was a light sleeper, but I worked with him until he dozed off. Sometimes a newborn will just try to fight it and needs to be fed (a few times) and worked with until they are lulled into getting sleepy. Big brother was equally adorable and had the biggest, most amazing eyes. He gave me the cutest little expressions.

    We had a grey theme in the works for this session, this way when making a wall arrangement, everything melds well in case mom would like to do an arrangement with family images.

    This was a new family to the studio. You can tell how much Beckham is loved and adored. I so enjoy sharing this experience of creating first professionally documented memories with families. Mom and dad are so sweet and I am very grateful they chose the studio for their newborn’s first portraits (as always). I so appreciate my clients. Beckham was captured in my Blue Springs, MO photography studio, just next to Lee’s Summit, MO and about 30 minutes from downtown.

    ***Melissa is a published studio photographer in Kansas City, Missouri, specializing in newborn portraiture. Book your newborn and family session today by emailing Melissa at or using the contact form at the top of this page.








      Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~ Mia

      Well, I have not blogged since March last year, so I have quite a bit to catch up on. Let’s start with Mia.

      Ahhh! Mia was so precious! All of that hair! I love the lavender and bright colors with her. She was pure perfection for her session, I so enjoyed working with her and her sweet parents. I adore this new “poppy” drop from Lemon Drop Backdrops. It is so bright and happy. My dining room is filled with prints of poppies and I think it is gorgeous with her darker skin tone.

      This is a general idea of how my newborn sessions flow with the images below. We begin with a parent series, once in a while parents like to opt out of this, but I do encourage it. Babies are only this small for a short time and I promise, mom will feel beautiful when she sees the gallery. I like to color-coordinate, so we will talk about what you will be wearing beforehand, so we can plan colors to merry well together. Black is always a favorite of mine. It is about 82 degrees in the studio to be warm enough for baby, so we get those mom and dad shots out of the way while everyone is still fresh. Next, we move on to some “beanbag” shots on fabrics. Then, we move on to a prop and backdrop series. Mom requested a “wintery” feel, so we went with whites and silver with a vintage doll sleigh.



      Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~ Mia


      Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~ Mia


      Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~ Mia


      Kansas City Newborn Photographer ~ Mia


      Kansas City Newborn Photographer


      Kansas City Newborn Photography


      Kansas City Newborn Portraits






      Many of you already know, I just want explain why I slowed things down business wise last year and my hiatus the last couple of months.

      The last 9 months or so, I slowed my business down (purposefully), just taking enough business to cover overhead on some months. My Aunt Kathryn, who was 81, needed some help. She and my Uncle had never had any children of their own. Her doctor had told her she had arthritis in her leg and started her on physical therapy, but unfortunately it turned out to be stage IV Lymphoma. She needed a new femur, knee, chemotherapy and radiation. My uncle has a bit of Alzheimer’s and without Kate there, needed some assistance as well as he no longer drives. She asked me to help her. I have quite literally, a million cousins (almost). I never asked her why she asked me in particular, but proximity wise, I am closest and do not work 9-5, so I suspect that had a lot to do with it. It was certainly not my organizational skills or ability to stay calm in difficult situations. 🙂 After starting this journey with her, it became clear that I would have to make some adjustments. I couldn’t do everything and do it well, as many of you understand. Sometimes you just need to take time and simplify.

      We made many, many trips to get her treatment on a stretcher that my father softly padded with lawn chair pillows, all with a femur that was broken in half and in pieces. She would lay in that stretcher for 5-6 hours for chemotherapy because it hurt too much to be moved. She was a stoic lady, not often complaining. She could always manage to make those around her laugh during these hard and uncomfortable times. The drivers of the stretcher van said she was their favorite client. She would be suspended in the air on a lift to get her into a wheelchair and joking about how she hated heights. A true inspiration and class act. After 6 months of exhausting treatment and major surgery, she decided she to place herself in hospice. Her oncologist told me he was going to miss seeing her because she felt like a grandmother to him and like family after just a few months. She passed on January 22, 2016, as unexpectedly as someone on hospice can, she sounded and looked great a few days before that day. I truly feel blessed to have been a part of her journey and really get to know her, having learned innumerable life lessons. I feel clued in to making my contribution and have a deeper appreciation for this life and my loved ones. I no longer sweat the small stuff so much, as she would say.

      I have not done any marketing, blogging or SEO in a long while to keep momentum going, but will be shooting full time again in March. I appreciate the patience of my clients during this time period. I tried to accommodate past clients having a second baby and baby planners, but I know I did take longer at getting things back, so I appreciate your patience. I just want to thank my talented newborn photographer friends in Kansas City for taking referrals and helping in a couple of emergency situations (you know who you are). I appreciate your friendship and kindness so much. I want to thank my dad for being there for Kate, Loring, and for me. He took on a lot in the last year as well, taking good care of Loring and alternating radiation appointments. I don’t know what we would have done without his help. Always there without fail. The troubleshooter and soundboard. Thank you, Chris for being supportive of me taking care of things and me.

      Lymphoma is an awful disease and is silent. Not one time during these last 9 months did Kate look ill to me. Pay attention to things in your body that don’t seem right: sudden night sweats, fatigue,and pains. Get second opinions for a diagnosis that doesn’t seem right to you. Speak up.

      Miss you and love you, Auntie.


      Kansas City Newborn Photographer Twins Star Wars

      Two are even better than one! This was such a fun session. Oh my goodness, these two little men. They were so sweet and obviously gorgeous babies. I don’t think I have every photographed full-term twins. They hung in there almost to the very end for mama.

      I would swear that mom and dad have one that looks more like each of them. I think they will have very different skin tones, the little guy on the right has a pinkish hue to his skin like his gorgeous mom and it will be interesting to see if he we will be a redhead.

      I always allow a lot of extra time for twins, even though it might not be needed. I don’t want anyone to feel rushed (including myself). They slept soundly through most of their session. Dad was a trooper helping clean up the little messes that came along. This couple was so calm and serene with their babies, you would never guess they were first time parents. I think babies really pick up on the energy that we are carrying, so that was great! Anyone that has had a newborn session with one baby knows that it can be a challenge and they rose to the occasion.

      Dad was geeked out when I brought out my Yoda and R2D2 Star Wars hats. I was excited to be able to use them together. Thank you so much for bringing in your adorable little guys!


      Mom chose classic black for the family series.



      They sure cuddled up during our bean bag series. Nice and cozy!

      newborn-yoda-r2d2-twins-kansas-cityKansas City Newborn Photographer Twins Star Wars


      Their faces in these hat, LOVE!



      Mom and Dad are KC Royals Fans and dad loves Perez as much as I do!









        Miles could not have been any cuter. So much dark hair and the prettiest skin tone. Mom had this vision of using cookies and milk for a Christmas image, she wanted to do a Holiday card and birth announcement in one. This session got us all in the Christmas spirit. I love getting to think outside the box with mom’s ideas to incorporate before sessions.

        Striped Hat and Pants by Lily and Jack Newborn.
        Baby Cradle: Handmade by my grandpa 🙂









          Newborn Baby Boy Photos
          Kansas City Newborn Photographer

          Little Barrett.. what a cutie! This balloon backdrop has been such a favorite with clients lately. We shot his session mostly with teals and browns. Had to throw a little Royals hat on, we are sure proud of our Royals in Kansas City right now!





            Kansas City Golf Newborn
            Kansas City Newborn Photographer

            Dad kind of likes golf. Just a little bit.This was mom and dad’s vision and I was up for the challenge. I had to think through the logistics of surrounding baby in something cold and hard to the touch. The studio was pretty darned warm for this one! We worked hard turning golf balls so that the logo would show on them as much as possible!






              I was so excited when Gisela called and asked me to photograph Elle’s first birthday party. It was so much fun to document the celebration of this sweet little one’s first birthday with their family and friends. I just adore this family, they are the sweetest.

              Location: Grand Street Cafe Ballroom
              Cotton Candy by: Cotton Candy Fun

              Take a look back at Elle on the waynewborn session and six month photography session.


              Kansas City Event Photographer


              Kansas City Event Photographer


              Kansas City Event Photographer


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              I have been spending a little time scouring antique stores for vintage props and fabrics to use in sets. Sadly, many of my favorite stores in Grain Valley and Oak Grove have closed. Let me know if you find a good one, so I can add it to my list.

              Meet sweet, little, anxiously awaited Olivia! She has such tiny and delicate features. Tiny, perfect, and adorable in every single way.


              kansas-city-newborn-picsGrain Valley Newborn Photography

              kansas-city-newborn-photos Grain Valley Newborn Photography