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kansas city newborn pictures

This is the third newborn I have photographed for this GORGEOUS mama. This one gave me lots of sleepy time and hilarious expressions. I adore his hair!

Cindy was one of my first clients. We shot her first maternity session in her living room many years ago. Her second maternity was done on their property in the country. She was a natural in front of the camera. I have enjoyed photographing her other two children through the years at the studio and their ranch. We are blessed to have so many repeat clients return for Kansas City newborn pictures in the area. Take a peek at his baby brother’s newborn pictures from 2010.

Hat by Spun Candy

kansas city newborn pictureskansas-city-newborn-photoskansas-city-newborn-pictures

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      Newborn Photography

      Meet Brock

      He was super-sweet and a great sleeper, with beachy blonde hair that would make Gwyneth Paltrow jealous. I love his name, it is so classic and a little tough-guy.

      One of the things I love about newborn photography is capturing this new dynamic with mom, dad, and baby. I also love babies in and of themselves, of course. (BABIES = MY FAVORITE THINGS).

      Along with giving birth, I think parents (yes, dad, too) give birth to their “parent self'”.  You are forever changed. There is no experience in this world that will ever compare to welcoming your baby into this big world, (in my opinion). It’s monumental. All of a sudden, you see the big picture so clearly. A new purpose and fresh perspective.

      Remembering back, I had such a newfound appreciation for my own parents. Sadly, my dog lost his ranking and I felt guilty. (RIP, Echo, you were the first baby, I promise). I wondered what on earth I did with all of my time before the baby came along. Surely, I had so much time I could have volunteered to make the world a better place, for several different charities.

      Mom and dad are all of a sudden on this newly created “team” together. Team “do the best thing for our baby”. When you figure out ways to make this new little puzzle of life you brought home content, it bonds you together.

      It’s remarkable to watch parents like these two work together to make the small things go smoothly during their newborn photography session. Those that are in sync with each other and are extra kind to each other during those tiring first weeks make me smile. When I can get some of that emotion in-camera, those are my favorite captures.

      Captures in Time Photography is a studio specializing in newborn, maternity and baby photography. Melissa Pfannenstiel is one of Kansas City’s finest newborn photographers and is committed to providing her clients with beautiful images. Find out more information on how we get you involved in the session styling process here.

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          Baby Photography Kansas City

          Oh my GOODness! He could not have been any cuter for his “sitter” six-month session!  SO mellow and smiley. I met mom, dad and Colton at the studio. This baby was super relaxed and his red hair and gorgeous, blue eyes are so unique. After a few sets and outfits in the studio, we went outside to play for a little bit with mom and dad.

          Mom and dad, you need to bring in baby to document the six-month milestone. As soon as they can sit up unassisted, make that call! For several reasons, I prefer the bulk of the six-month session to be in the studio. Parents are welcome to go outdoors with me after a couple of sets and we can get baby/family shots, giving you the best of both worlds for your session.

          1.There are fewer distractions in the studio-

          When you are outside and a car is driving by, they are very intent on following that car with their eyes. Especially boys, it begins early, this infatuation with vehicles. Outdoors there are many textures that your baby is not as familiar with. As a result, the baby will be exploring those and not glancing at the camera as frequently. Rather than competing with grass and concrete, I will have more of their attention in studio.

          2. Better expressions-

          Because baby is much more comfortable being in a smaller space with mom and dad close by while sitting on their own than out in the “big world”. Also, the studio is the perfect temperature.

          3. The lighting is perfection-

          Consequently, there is nothing like a studio session for maximizing clarity in a portrait. Studio lighting highlights huge eyes and facial features in a way the sun just doesn’t always do outside.

          4. Mom can help style the session, this is so much fun-

          Most of all, moms have a blast coordinating sessions at this age by selecting backdrops from our “Style Your Session” website we give you access to after you schedule your appointment. A lot of times, mom will already have outfits selected. Almost always, this site will give you inspiration when you go shopping for your sitter-session! Take a peak at Nordstrom’s baby clothes. They are some of my favorites to photograph!


          Thank you so much for bringing him, I hope to see you all again soon!


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            • MiaJuly 23, 2016 - 5:02 am

              Those eyes!! These are so gorgeous!! Awesome work!ReplyCancel

            • RebeccaJuly 23, 2016 - 4:28 am

              Gorgeous images! Those blue eyes!!!ReplyCancel

            • CeilighJuly 23, 2016 - 4:27 am

              Wow – look at that hair! He’s adorable, I love the closeup in the plaid shirt. He’s going to be a lady killer. 😉ReplyCancel

            • Ashley HernandezJuly 23, 2016 - 4:19 am

              Cutest baby in Kansas City!! LOVE the images!ReplyCancel