Top 8 Reasons to Have a Studio Session

Top 8 Reasons to Have a Studio Vs In-Home Newborn Photography Session

What are the top 8 reasons to have a studio vs in-home newborn photography session? Many new parents are not aware that there are different styles of newborn photography. The two main styles are “Studio” and at-home “Lifestyle” sessions. In addition this (to add to the confusion), some studio photographers will offer to bring their pop-up studio to you. But, does this result in a lower quality session? Why DO studio photographers need space to achieve their signature style?  Which is easier on parents and baby? For this article, we are comparing mid-size to large retail studios (such as ours) to a session experience in a client’s home. Newborn baby photography shoots can be the most precious things in the world that you can only do once. Read up on the hidden benefits of studio sessions from a photographer who has shot both styles for years.

8 Reasons to have a Studio Vs In-Home Newborn Photography Session

1. Specialization Offers Flexible & Easy Scheduling

Planning always makes things easier. Ideally, you should set up your photo shoot date before your baby is born. Most studios who specialize in newborns allow you to “pre-schedule” and work with you if your baby arrives early or late. Lifestyle photographers most often do not specialize in newborns and shoot weddings on weekends, making scheduling more difficult if the baby arrives a little early or late. If you want to make sure you can secure a shoot, try to schedule it while you’re still in the second trimester of your pregnancy. Once you give birth, notify your newborn photographer so you can book an appointment. Remember, if you want to capture your little one as a bona fide newborn, he or she needs to be 14 days old at the most. For studio portraits, it can be optimal to arrange for photo shoots anywhere between five to ten days after birth. Babies handle photo sessions best during the first days of their lives. If the baby arrives early and you notify our studio within 48 hours, I will almost always have at least 2-3 time slots options to accommodate you. You can see our entire calendar online. We make the booking process simple.

2. Space is Key For This Kind of Portraiture

What most people don’t know is that the length of lens matters in photography. To shoot indoors with a long lens requires a significant amount of open space. More space is needed than the length of an average living room or a bedroom. Everyone starts somewhere and while nice work can be accomplished in a small space, our retail newborn photography location in Kansas City is about 1000 square feet. A larger space is ideal for a few reasons; the most important reason is that a long lens is necessary to get stunning portraits in which the features of the baby/mom/dad do not have distortion. I also prefer that the background is nice, soft and blurry. We use a lens that is at least 100mm long in most cases to accomplish these two things. We would never be able to achieve this same result in a small studio in a home studio or in a client’s home. Space and focal length are paramount to our look.

3. Climate Control

It is essential to keep indoor temperatures on the warm side during newborn photo sessions. We aim for indoor temperatures of 81 degrees. Newborns are comfortable with warmth.  Cool temperatures can be particularly problematic for newborns who are often taking photographs without clothing.  I am familiar with my studio and have a system for keeping it at the best temperature. When shooting newborns in a larger home or in various rooms, it can be tough to achieve the desired temperatures.

4. More Comfort and Less Stress

Most often, moms complain of being stressed to have their home photographed so soon after they have given birth. Most clients desire “clutter free” images. Babies come with a lot of “things”. Our homes become inherently filled with them. Creating a clutter-free environment for your lifestyle session will take some legwork. Your nursery really needs to be completely finished. Most lifestyle photographers also do a series on mom and dad’s bed, so you would want to be happy with how your bedroom is presented as well as your living room. With a studio session, you don’t have to worry about your clutter situation! You just pack a diaper back and come to us!

We want our clients to be able to relax at the studio! Enjoy watching your newborn looking adorable from the comfort of our client areas. They include two comfy couches, snacks, water, soda… the perfect place for exhausted parents to unwind and even order take-out from a couple of nearby restaurants. There’s not as much relaxing when you’re in your home for a lifestyle session. You may be entertaining visiting family from out of town, feeling like you need to tidy your house, and moving furniture for your photographer so that they have cleaner images and more space. You won’t be resting. If you come to my studio you can relax, refuel and just enjoy watching your baby or take a nap yourself, which happens quite a bit!

5. Lighting

You will notice from the body of work on my website that the images are consistent. I use the same lighting for every session. Depending on the number of people involved, I will use up to four lights and some modifiers that are 6 foot tall. For lifestyle sessions, the amount of window light and time of day must be taken into consideration. If a lifestyle photographer does not ask about the direction your windows face, this is a red flag that they don’t know or don’t care about how the natural lighting will look during your session! Not to mention, soft studio light is the most flattering on mom and dad.

6. More Props, Texture and Color Options

While we are careful not to create over-styled baby sets, we do have a wide variety of props, wraps, heads, and headbands. All of these are within arms reach, and we have a 500 square foot room just for props We send you a PDF backdrop guide right away after you pre-schedule your session so that you can begin to style your session with our help! When you arrive, everything is set up!

7. Sanitization

New parents always worry about getting baby out and about during their first weeks and tell me this is often a reason they choose to have a photographer come to their home. There is no need to worry! Our studio is just as clean as your home would be. We take care to make everything as germ-free as possible in our studio. Everything that touches baby is pre-washed in Dreft detergent for babies. All surfaces are disinfected between tiny clients. I photography one newborn a day and am fully vaccinated for the whooping-cough and flu.

8. Speed

I have the space to set up all of my newborn sets before clients arrive. During the session, I move from one set to another eliminating the need for set-up time during your session. For this reason, my average newborn session is between 2 1/2 hours. Pop up studios or studios inside a photographer’s home most likely will not be large enough to have this kind of set-up for maximum efficiency and variety. More than likely, if a photographer comes to your home of the studio variety, there will only beanbag poses for baby-only images.  While I think those poses are lovely, a session with only that style can be a bit boring for my test. I like variety and I want your session to be easy on all of you!

So there you have it! The top 8 reasons to have a studio vs in-home newborn photography session! These are just some of the hidden gems that studio newborn photography has to offer.  Moms often think that the “easy” option is to have someone come to them and in my opinion, but I think the easy option is to just bring them to my way to the studio! See what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

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    • Alana LeeOctober 20, 2018 - 11:11 pm

      I love these tips for why you should choose a studio session! Quality of images and most importantly comfort and safety of your newborn are key when considering the style of newborn session that is right for you.ReplyCancel