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kitchen island makeover

kitchen island makeover before picturekitchen island makeover

Kitchen Island Makeover easy kitchen island makeover before and after

Kitchen Island Makeover kitchen island revamped with cabinet doorsKitchen Island Makeover kitchen with island and chairs
Adding a DIY &  Decor section to the blog just to spice things up a little! This fall, I am really into DIY, chalk painting, and Farmhouse decor! Farmhouse decor is my new obsession, so you’ll see some of that soon! There have been quite a few people who have asked how I did my kitchen island makeover, so I will share here.

In 2012, we had updated the kitchen with new granite and backsplash. The kitchen island suddenly screamed “builder grade”. So, I got the itch to do some work on it. It just looked so tiny and boring under that big slab of granite and needed some bulk. This was super easy to do, my husband did cut the baseboards for me but I was able to complete the rest on my own. Pinterest did not show any tutorials using cabinet doors, but did see quite a few really good tutorials out there to get me started.


Wash island with dish soap and water. For older cabinets, you want to scrub them with something a bit scratchy to get the gunk off. The goal is for the paint to adhere well. Wash, then allow to the cabinets to dry. Lightly sand and rinse with water.

Mounting the cabinets

Measure out spacing and height for the cabinet. Use Sharpie to mark their place. Use a level to make sure the doors are straight and screw the doors in place. I ran a line of extra-strength wood glue along the top of the cabinet and the top of each corbel, but I don’t know that this was necessary. I used three screws on the top, sides, and bottom. Fill holes with wood filler. Joint compound the seams.

Mounting the corbels

Depending on the style you get, you might not have room on the edges to use screws, so do think about that when selecting. You can mount them from inside the island as well if you can reach that area from inside.

Mounting the faux feet – 

I used 1/2 inch thick ornate blocks, put wood in the center and “created’ my own blocks the right size to fit at my corners in the front. I just felt like it needed a little something.

After filling the seams, holes, sand and wipe down entire island. Allow to dry.

I primed all of the new wood pieces with one coat. The Rustoleum kit gives you a primer. However, it is really meant to go over wood that already has poly or paint on it. Next, I used the Rustoleum primer over the parts with bare wood. Allow to dry several hours. Two coats of the Rustolem paint were used. Follow the instructions on the kit with the glaze and top coat. In the end, I was not wild about the glaze, so I didn’t use much of it at all.

Four years later, the Rustoleum paint has held up very well! I am getting ready to update the kitchen and go white cabinets. I am thinking gray for the island this time for a little update as the green is getting a tad old and I am transitioning to cooler tones.

These are not great pictures, I just snapped some quick ones to send my mom before and after!



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      kansas city newborn pictures

      Another Long-Time Captures in Time Client

      This is the third newborn I have photographed for this GORGEOUS mama in the last nine years. I know her so well now, it feels like girl-time when we get together for shoots. There are always laughs.

      Her little guy gave me lots of sleepy time and hilarious expressions. I adore his hair! All three of her babies have had tons of hair.

      Cindy was one of my very first clients. We shot her first maternity session in her living room many years ago. I brought lights and backdrops. Her second maternity was done on their beautiful property in the country. She was a natural in front of the camera.

      I have enjoyed photographing her other two children through the years at the studio and their ranch. We are blessed to have so many repeat clients return for Kansas City newborn pictures in the area. Take a peek at his baby brother’s newborn pictures from 2010.

      The family has lots of show horses on their farm, so we always incorporate equestrian items into their newborn shoots to make them extra special. My clients are always welcome to bring their own treasures to their newborn shoot.

      Creating Heirlooms

      Cindy has had me make coffee table books of all of her little ones. I have archived the layout and was able to pull it out for a new book for her. They are great keepsakes. We have to remember that in this day and age, we can’t hand down images on disks, data can deteriorate at any time. Prints are forever! I will always treasure the boxes of pictures my parents gave me when I moved out of my own. I hate the thought of children not being able to have something like that to treasure.

      Hat by Spun Candy

      Are you expecting? See our pricing & calendar page to get on the books for your own session!

      kansas city newborn pictures featuring dad and baby collagekansas city newborn pictures newborn collage with toes and funny face on fur rugkansas city newborn pictures newborn boy with mom and hello there handsome sign

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          Kansas City Newborn Baby Photography – Meet Quinn

          The Consultation

          Mom and dad set up a conference call with me when mom was in her second trimester. We discussed using a variety of angles and showing her sweet face from all directions because her sweet little face would be changing with upcoming surgeries. We really ended up doing a double set of most poses. Dad used to be a photographer in New York and said he did a lot of research to find someone to capture Quinn in her early days. Such a nice compliment.

          The Backdrops & Props

          Quinn’s parents chose black. I love the contrast with mom’s hair. Some women are afraid that black will wash them out, but that is not the case with super soft, diffused lighting. The image with dad and Quinn nose to nose is just so emotional. Tugs at the heart strings for sure. For baby-only backdrops, mom chose my rose floral from Lemon Drops. It’s one of the most popular backdrops we carry for our newborn girl photo sessions. A petite little thing, she fit perfectly in my new vintage-style bucket. Mom chose light pink lace for our newborn series and I just over love this fabric. It provides texture and is not too overpowering for baby. Mom brought a sweet and simple bow for baby, which is always welcome. We do have many delicate headbands for our baby girls in every color imaginable for those who want to leave the accessories to us.

          Booking Your Own Newborn Photography Session

          For the past ten years, our studio has provided the Kansas City newborn baby photography sessions in our boutique studio in Blue Springs. Are you expecting? See our pricing & calendar page to get on the books! Our pricing structure is simple and transparent, while the session planning process includes mom & dad providing you with many options.

          kansas city newborn baby photography blonde mom hold newborn baby girl with pink bow on black backdropkansas city newborn baby photography dad with arm tattoo nose to nose with his newborn baby girlkansas city newborn baby photography mom and dad hold their newborn baby girl with a pink bow on her head on black backdrop

          kansas city newborn baby photography newborn baby girl on wood floor with furry cream rug and pink bow in her hairkansas city newborn baby photography newborn baby girl with cleft lip sleeping on birch beadkansas city newborn baby photography newborn baby girl sleeping in a white bucket with floral backdropkansas city newborn baby photography Newborn baby girl with yellow felt flower headbandkansas city newborn baby photography newborn girl sleeping on pink lace fabric with cream mohair hatkansas city newborn baby photography newborn girl on pink fabric close up

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              Newborn Photography | Meet Brock

              The Tiny Client

              He was super-sweet and a great sleeper, with beachy blonde hair that would make Gwyneth Paltrow jealous. Such a pretty skin tone as well. I love his name, it is so classic and a little tough-guy.

              The Parent Series

              One of the things I love about newborn photography is capturing this new dynamic with mom, dad, and baby. I also love babies in and of themselves, of course. (BABIES = MY FAVORITE THINGS).

              The Connections

              Along with giving birth, I think parents (yes, dad, too) give birth to their “parent self'”.  You are forever changed. There is no experience in this world that will ever compare to welcoming your baby into this big world, (in my opinion). It’s monumental. All of a sudden, you see the big picture so clearly. A new purpose and fresh perspective.

              Remembering back, I had such a newfound appreciation for my own parents. Sadly, my dog lost his ranking and I felt guilty. (RIP, Echo, you were the first baby, I promise). I wondered what on earth I did with all of my time before the baby came along. Surely, I had so much time I could have volunteered to make the world a better place, for several different charities.

              Mom and dad are all of a sudden on this newly created “team” together. Team “do the best thing for our baby”. When you figure out ways to make this new little puzzle of life you brought home content, it bonds you together.

              It’s remarkable to watch parents like these two work together to make the small things go smoothly during their newborn photography session. Those that are in sync with each other and are extra kind to each other during those tiring first weeks make me smile. When I can get some of that emotion in-camera, those are my favorite captures.

              The Backdrops and Props

              Brock’s mom chose neutral tones and wood backdrops from his session. I am loving this rustic wagon by TFJ Designs.

              The Portrait Process

              Captures in Time Photography is a studio specializing in newborn, maternity and baby photography. Melissa Pfannenstiel is one of Kansas City’s finest newborn photographers and is committed to providing her clients with beautiful images. Find out more information on how we get you involved in the session styling process here.

              Are you expecting? See our pricing & calendar page to get on the books!

              newborn photography black mom and baby series collage

              newborn photography dad with curly hair holding his newborn baby

              newborn photography newborn baby boy collage swaddled laying on curly brown blanket and wool wood flooringnewborn photography newborn baby boy in rustic wagon and laying on brown woolnewborn photography newborn baby boy with owl hat on laying on curly gray blanket

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