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What to Wear for Your Family Session



Think about the location for your session. The more urban the location, the more vibrant colors you will want to use. Not matchy-matchy--coordinated. You do not want everyone in white shirts or all black. In fact, stay away from white shirts, pants or undershirts that peek out of the top of a shirt. I will tell you why in a bit. Find colors that work together. They don't have to match, but they should "go together." Think warm tones or cool tone palettes. Search Pinterest for "what to wear family portraits or pictures, ideas for family portraits or photos." Give yourself plenty of time to plan.

Think color; only one person with a pattern

A little color adds life to a photograph. Don't be afraid of color. If someone is wearing a pattern, such as a floral, keep it to one person. The more "urban" the session, such as the River Market in Kansas City, the more vibrant colors should be.

Avoid white
This is a big one for me. White is the first place your eye will go to on an image, and we want to make sure the focal point is on your face! Don't let that undershirt that shows below your child's face be the eye-grabber. Choose a shirt that does not need an undershirt. If you layer, layer a coordinating tee that is NOT white. Also, avoid logos.

Not too trendy

Jeans are always a great place to start. You can add some personality, but no one wants trendy clothes to be the primary focus in the images.

Make the kiddos outfits comfy

Some kids have to try on three shirts for school before they find one that "feels right". These are the types of children who need special care to ensure things feel good to them. Before you cut a sales tag off of their clothes, try them on at home. Make sure they are comfortable in them. We don't want them stressed out about itchy lace or wool during their session.

Make the clothing look like "you guys"

Don't put kids who are always casual in something that looks too "stuffy". Add your personality with accessories.

Think about the weather

It can get cold here in the midwest. Don't put kiddos in that cute, short-sleeved dress and think they will be fine just taking off a heavy coat for the shots. Mom and dad, too

Outfit changes

Feel free to bring outfit changes to full sessions,- as long as you think the children can change without a lot of fuss!

Use layers

IIn the fall; this is an easy way to add interest to your family portraits. Pull a color in that someone else is wearing to a different family member with jackets, vests, and sweaters.


These are mostly for mom. If you use foundation, keep it light. Blend, blend, blend. Mascara is a must. Some color on the eyes, cheeks, and lips are great. Bring lip gloss. Exfoliate everyone's lips gently with a washcloth or lip scrub the day before and put a good lip moisturizer on them for a few days to avoid flakes. If it is winter make sure the kiddos don't get chapped faces before your session. Resist the urge to tan or self-tan before your session.

Where to shop tips

You probably have some favorite places, but here are some ideas:

If you are in Blue Springs, this is a great boutique with unique pieces for mom and teens:


Mini Boden

Kate Quins Organics

J. Crew


Tea Collection

Janie & Jack


Koko Blush

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