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It was not too long ago that this cute little guy was in the Kansas City studio for his Christmas newborn photography session. He was so adorable with his milk and cookies and mom created the sweetest Christmas card/birth announcements from his session.

I like to think of our Kansas City family photography Mission Hills sessions like your typical family outing. Really, they are. We choose a beautiful spot. Maybe in your own neighborhood. You spend time together, you laugh, just as if you had planned on spending some weekend time together outdoors. When the session is finished, go for a walk, enjoy a nearby restaurant, show the kids a part of the city they have never session before. When the kids are older, they will always associate that family portrait with the great afternoon you spent together. It will make it even more meaningful. I really believe in building memories for our children. It’s something we can do that will stay with them.

I love the grey and navy tones mom chose for this shoot. She shopped at Madewell for outfits.

For this session, I went out to their neck of the woods to a spot I absolutely adore in Mission Hills, KS. So great to see them again!

Kansas City Family Photography Mission Hillskansas-city-family-photography-mission-hillskansas-city-family-photography

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    Best Kansas City Family Photography

    This message I received about this session really choked me up.  I am blessed to know this family.  I don’t think I have ever met two people who compliment each other so well.  J- has always been serious and stoic and A- is the yin to the yang.  She wanted this session before she started cancer treatment and I am so glad that we could do it.

    “Thanks so much for working us into your schedule, Melissa. I didn’t know if Andrea was going to be able to make it so I didn’t tell her about it at first. I thought maybe it would just be the kids. She really began looking forward to it once I told her and made sure we had everything we needed to look our best. You truly have a gift and these images will mean so much to our family.

    To help your friends and clients understand … my wife is fighting cancer. She’s had multiple surgeries over the last year and began chemotherapy shortly before this photograph was taken. She told me she wouldn’t allow herself to be photographed after she started chemo. With the hassle of doctors’ appointments and everyday life, we simply didn’t have time to get in sooner. Melissa kept her calendar open to us anyway. She made sure to get several images of my kids with their mom. I don’t have words to express what these photos will mean to my family in the days ahead. We have worked with Melissa for a while and her photos of our children always bring tears Andrea’s eyes. She didn’t know I was going to share so much about my family. She does know and respect that I’m a very private person, which is why she only refers to me as “J” in her comment.

    I think it’s important for people to appreciate the value a professional photographer like Melissa can add to a family’s biography. I also value the personal relationship that Melissa has with our family. It makes a difference. My children will have these images forever. Their mother and I will, too. (and the grandparents, in-laws, aunts & uncles, etc.) Thank you, Melissa!”

    I am so lucky to have gotten to know your family. Thank YOU guys, for your business, support and friendship.  I pray every day.






    best kansas city family photography

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