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Happy fall! This post is a bit all over the place. You are forewarned. When I was doing some search engine optimization with my site, I noticed I seem to be way down in rank for this keyword: “best kansas city newborn photos.” You have to mention keywords on your site and text to rank well. This is one of those phrases that are hard to use in context without it looking completely arrogant. I suppose I will integrate that into this post in a tongue and cheek way. If you are looking for a newborn photographer, see my blog post on how to find the best Kansas City newborn photographer for you!

Consequently, I am very behind in blogging but don’t think that I haven’t been shooting. For me, I like to catch up with blogging for the year in the winter when it is cold and a bit slower! The air is crisp and I am in the midst of the busy Kansas City family fall photography month. It would be so nice if our October lasted so much longer!

A bit of studio news, Captures in Time has a new website that I am loving. ProPhoto 6 has a new backend and some awesome sites you can start with. Super-easy to customize.

Funny story…I was editing this session and my husband came up to my computer and said, “Is that Hosmer?” I think I would have mentioned if he booked a newborn session. You can see the resemblance in the eyes! Salvador Perez has a new baby, according to Instagram, btw.

During his newborn session, Conner was such a cooperative little guy! Almost all the while, he was not fussy in the slightest and just a dream to work with. His mama was just gorgeous, too.

Now, I always talk about how black on black is my favorite color palette for the parent and newborn series in the session. Because it provides contrast with the skin tones when shot correctly the skin will just glow. New moms always have a glow anyway. Well, I just loved working these new parents, such a fun shoot! I hope you guys are enjoying your new home with your sweet little man!

Are you expecting? See our pricing & calendar page to get on the books!

best kansas city newborn photos a gorgeous mom with her baby wearing blackbest kansas city newborn photos dad with tattoo sleeve and beard hold his newborn baby

best kansas city newborn photos mom and day wearing all black holding their brand new baby

best kansas city newborn photos newborn boy resting his head on his father's chestbest kansas city newborn photos newborn boy on curly cream blanket with brown wool pants with hand extendedbest kansas city newborn photos newborn boy with suspender romper on gray blanket in organic basketbest kansas city newborn photos newborn boy resting his head on his hands in our Blue Springs portrait studio

best kansas city newborn photos blonde newborn boy in suspender romper on curly gray blanket

best kansas city newborn photos newborn boy in gray romper full length shot on gray blanket

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    newborn photography overland park | Meet Nicholas

    The Tiny Client

    Meet Nicholas. I love the name. I call my Nick “Nickle Pickle”. Only not around his friends, because that would be uncool. 🙂 What a gorgeous family, I adore the colors we used. Mom’s blouse has a nice texture to it and is so delicate in the images with the baby.


    The Backdrops

    More desired neutral tones and a natural aesthetic for her portraits. We chose the camel color for the parent series. I love this blouse she chose; it has great texture. We always use neutral backdrops in the parent series. This way, they are more timeless, and they will integrate well with your decor.

    A Word About Traveling for Your Newborn Session

    We have many clients from the Overland Park area that come out to the studio in Blue Springs. I know some moms worry that by the time they arrive after a 30 minute trip in the car, the baby will be hungry. There are no worries, often when clients come in from just ten minutes away, we begin with a full feeding or a quick top-off for baby.

    Our Portaits

    I specialize in newborn and baby photography. Each image is hand-edited to create an authentic work of art. My boutique tail studio caters to Kansas City’s most discerning clients who are looking for superior quality. The style is soft, vintage, and emotional. I strive to create unique custom portraits that feature the emotions of this special time with baby and family. Remember, your little one will never be this cuddly, tiny and perfectly brand new again!

    Welcoming a newborn baby is the most special time in a family’s life. A professional photo session with Captures in Time Photography is a wonderful way to preserve all of these memories for an entire lifetime. Your sweet newborn will be captured with soft blankets, cozy wraps, and knits. The studio offers a lovely selection of vintage newborn photography props, and my 8 years of experience will ensure that you will have a relaxed session. Your portraits can later be preserved as fine art prints, gallery wraps, and albums to be treasured for years to come. We strive to provide the best in Kansas City newborn photography.

    Mom is welcome to bring things for her session, but it certainly is not necessary. Often, she will bring a blanket that grandma made or a hat she just couldn’t resist from Etsy.

    Interested in your own newborn session? See our pricing & booking page to look up available dates.

    newborn photography overland park

    newborn photography overland park baby in grey and yellow hat collage
    newborn photography overland park newborn boy with brown hair yawning collagenewborn photography overland park

    newborn photography overland park mom with cream blouse on holding new baby boy

    newborn photography overland park mom with cream blouse on holding new baby boy close shot of faces

    newborn photography overland park mom with cream blouse on holding new baby boy who is yawning

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      Newborn Photography Kansas City

      Catching up on some blogging around here! I have enjoyed all of my new clients lately and catching up with some of my long time customers.

      The Tiny Client

      Henry came to see me in March, with all of his eleven pounds of cuteness. That’s right, eleven pounds and some ounces. Can you believe his adorable, squishy pink cheeks? All the while, he was a complete angel. Such a good sleeper. This was a new family to the studio and such a lovely couple! Henry was just adorable. Those rolls! He had dimples on his hands, I just could not get over how cute he was. He was sleepy and just a dream to work with

      The Backdrops and Favorites:

      Mom had on a gorgeous lavender sweater which we paired with a light gray drop for a nice and airy parent/baby image series.

      This shot of his feet is an all time favorite of mine! They remind me of my ten year old’s feet when he was a newborn. We have always called his feet “tiny loaves of baked bread”. Even though you will never forget the little details of your baby’s newborn features, it helps to have wonderful shots of the details to look back on when their feet are no longer small and their shoe size is all of a sudden – your size!

      Completely off topic, but shoes are a big thing with 9-11 year old boys, I am finding Shoes are all of a sudden something boys have an opinion about and we have pretty much tried every brand, but they boys are digging Pumas. I will say, they last forever. Nicholas had one pair for a year and the toe has never came apart.

      New Website Feature

      I am excited to have added a new feature to my website. Book Me For Photographers allows clients to look at my calendar, look at their schedule and book online without too much back and forth hassle. A little more tech savvy and convenient. You can find the calendar under each session option on my investment and booking page.

      newborn photography kansas city new baby in bucket with wood backdrop collagenewborn photography kansas city

      mom in lavender sweater holding new baby boynewborn toes macro

      newborn baby boy swaddled laying on side on cream fur rug

      newborn photography kansas city

      newborn baby boy with rolls wearing yellow and gray hat

      black and white image of baby with hat on fur rug

      Melissa is a published Kansas City newborn, baby and child photographer based out of historic Blue Springs, MO.

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        Newborn Photographer | Meet Mr. Brooks

        The Teeny Client:

        Every time a new little baby comes in my front doors, it makes me so happy to be a newborn photographer! First of all, what a cutie. Little Brooks was wide-eyed at the beginning of his session. He didn’t want to miss any of the action! While he slowly drifted off, I could pose his little cuteness. Breaking out my 100mm macro for those adorable lips was something I knew I had to do when I saw him, giddy to capture a macro of that adorable little “milk bubble”. Consequently, that milk bubble is the little bubble that newborns get on their top lip from eating nonstop. I thought that was so cute on my own little ones. This family was adorable. And, the cream colors on mom and dad with this bone drop are so pretty.

        New Background Option Book

        When you come to the studio, we have a new “background book”. Visualizing what a drop will look like is hard for parents sometimes and this really helps. Referencing these when we are talking about colors and patterns for your baby’s sets is beneficial in achieving the look we are after. Next, a digital website is in the works for pre-planning before your newborn session at the studio.

        The Studio is Stocked

        Finally, remember you do not need to bring anything at all to your newborn session with us. Everything we need is in the studio. No need to try to style everything yourself. Great care is taken in choosing props and knits that photograph well and with my style of shooting. Because even some yarns look too rough or large next to baby skin and we don’t want that!

        Most of all, thank you so much for bringing him in! What a great session!

        Are you expecting? See our pricing & calendar page to get on the books early!

        Blue hat by Spun Candy.
        Grey/Yellow hat by Adorable Sunday.

        newborn photographer newborn photographer

        Newborn Photographer

        newborn photographer mom on cream backdrop holding her new baby boy smiling

        Newborn Photographer

        newborn photographer handsome dad in button up shirt holding his new baby boy

        Newborn Photographer

        newborn photographer newborn baby boy with yellow and cream hat full lips and hand under his chin

        newborn photographer newborn boy with yellow and gray hat laying on soft grey fabric

        newborn boy laying on cream wool fluff with aqua hat on

        Kansas City Newborn Photography Studio

        newborn photographer macro of newborn baby's lips

        Kansas City Newborn Photographer

        newborn photographer newborn baby boy on damask backdrop laying on cream wool fluff

        Kansas City Newborn Photography

        newborn photographer close up of blonde newborn baby on cream wool fluff






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        • Shirley CookFebruary 24, 2016 - 10:38 am

          Beautiful family!Baby is darling! Photos are gorgeous,thumb up to the photographer!ReplyCancel