Military Newborn

A Military Newborn Session | Kansas City Missouri

Military Mom with a Vision

This was such a wonderful and special session. Mom had a real vision for the feel of the images and presented me with a wide selection of images that she had seen on Pinterest. She wanted a set with a military theme and then a softer set featuring mom with the baby. I do appreciate taking a peek at client’s Pinterest boards. They feature images that stand out to a client. However, I don’t take that image and make “copies” of it with your baby. I don’t feel good about that, so I will need to put my own twist on it. I did my best to fulfill this mom’s vision while staying within my own style newborn photography.

The Flag & Controversy

I did receive some emails and negative feedback on my use of the flag in this military newborn session. The second image went “viral” on Facebook in a group of images on an “anti American-flag photography” Facebook group page. Wow, this is not the way I wanted to ever go viral. These emails hurt my heart for sure.

First of all, I would never intentionally use the flag in a way that is not appropriate and is disrespectful. I did do research before the session but should have delved deeper into it. To be clear, the flag NEVER touched the floor. The flag held the baby while his father held the flag. The baby was diapered the entire time. Some feedback I received was that the flag was used as a “drape” and this is disrespectful. In my mind, a drape would be as clothing for a person or covering something, such as a window. I can see now how the flag could be considered a “drape” in the image that went viral. I sincerely apologize and will not be using the flag in this manner again.

The Baby

This little guy really was such an alert baby and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss any of the action.  We did get sleeping shots as well, but these are a few of my personal favorites.  I have enjoyed offering Kansas City military newborn photography for the past six years.  These sessions are always near and dear to my heart.  I have had quite a few families come from Leavenworth, KS to the studio for their baby’s sessions.

Thank You to Our Military

I truly commend our military and the sacrifices each of their families makes for all of us, it is an honor to have these families in the studio.  Even before I was interested in photography, it always took my breath away to see someone in uniform holding a little tiny baby.  Those little guys have no idea, what a big, big job their parents have just all of us to have opportunities and freedom.  This little guy will definitely be watched over.

{To show our appreciation, Captures in Time Offers a 15% discount on prints and digital images for all military families year round}.

Are you in Kansas City, Warrensburg or Leavenworth? Interested in booking your own military newborn session? See our pricing and info page and let me know if you have questions!

A Military Newborn Session | Kansas City Missouri

military dad holding baby in flag

tattoo dad with mom holding newborn

mom holding newborn baby cream backdrop

tattoo dad with mom and newborn black backdrop




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