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The camera loves her 

Boy, does the camera love this little girl. Such big, blue eyes with all kinds of flecks! I really lucked out having her mom bring her into the studio. Those cheeks! I really believe that some images are meant to be B&W, some sepia, some vibrant in color and some subdued. It really depends on what makes the image “speak to you”, the lighting, the shadows, the highlights. I look at each both ways to decide what they are meant to be. It’s one of my most favorite parts of editing, really.

I have recently been asked if I mean to “chop off the heads” of children in their photographs. The answer is, “yes”. This brings the focus to their eyes, which are far more interesting than the top of a head. I have never really seen a top of a head that is very interesting. So, that’s what it is about, part of contemporary photography. I understand that some have a preference and I try to do a nice mix. I want to keep the eye in the top third of the image. I love a crop, crops are my favorite!

I also like to use some “negative space”. What is this? It’s just blank space. This might be a solid background or some interesting objects behind the subject. Sometimes you will find lots of space on the left and the subject on the right. This is also purposeful. The eye “looks” for symmetry first and when it finds it, it gets boring. It’s funny when we think of taking images and don’t know any better, we always want to center everything, or at least I did when I first began my photography journey. So below, notice how Hailey is not perfectly centered. I am also purposely doing this, as the composition is a large part of what “makes” a portrait. It’s much more than a good camera, prop or a cute outfit. 🙂

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the camera loves her kansas city child photographer girl black and white with blonde hair

blonde girl in red sweater blue eyes

blonde girl sucking thumb black and white

mom with blonde girl and pacifier black and white

smiling blonde girl in red sweater blue eyes

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