Tips on Including Your Cat in Your Newborn Images | KC Lifestyle Photos

Tips on Including Your Cat in Your Newborn Images | KC Lifestyle Photos

I find it’s important to most of my clients who have one to include their cat in their newborn images. I used some tried and true techniques in Stella’s home session with kitty and would like to share them.

Pets have a huge big place in my heart. Looking back to bringing home our first son from the hospital, I felt terrible for our dog, Echo. Echo was confused and paced the kitchen with worry. He was the baby. I paid an insane amount of attention to him for years and just knew his feelings were hurt. My point is, pets are part of the family, and I encourage clients to include them in our in-home newborn photography sessions. It will bring you all together and help to bridge the gap. Here are some tips on including your cat in your newborn images at home.

  1. Make sure your photographer gets acquainted with your cat from the beginning. Inform them of the particulars of your kitty and what their likes and dislikes are.  
  2. Cats are usually inquisitive at the beginning of the session but become calmer and more obedient as time progresses. We begin with mom, dad, baby, and siblings and add the furry friends a bit later.
  3. Feed them before your photographer arrives.
  4. Don’t keep telling your kitty to sit. Your photographer can take many angles, and lifestyle sessions should feel “every day”. There is not much posing in this type of session. It’s all about authenticity.
  5. Be flexible and have fun. Trust your photographer. The images will capture organic moments made even more special by including your first furry baby.  

I hope those tips are helpful to you. Now, let’s take a peek at Stella’s session with her kitty and see how we included her cat in her first session. 

The House

I loved this home and all of its originality. Historical Brookside homes are always some of my favorites to shoot in. I have always loved it there, bring surrounded by tudors, bungalows, and colonials makes me smile.


Stella didn’t know if yet, but she had a protector to watch over her already. His favorite place was the back of the couch, where he could look out of the window. Speaking of furniture, I kind of fell in love with this navy couch.

The Nursery

Stella had the cutest elephant theme going on with sheets and decor, so that was fun. We moved the crib to get a tad more light. I always love to use the window light to backlight images and get some profile shots of the baby.

The White Series

Many parents like this series of images with baby on a simple, clean, white backdrop fabric. I position baby on a bed or sofa close to a window with pillows underneath and my traveling specialty beanbag. It’s all done with natural light, so it has a consistent look with the rest of your session.

Thanks for having me, guys! I can’t wait to see and kitty soon!

mom hold baby in front of a window

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